Cargoclix SLOT. Timeslot and Yard management

Cargoclix SLOT optimizes processes and personnel deployment at the ramp and prevents waiting times and workload peaks at loading and unloading points. Cargoclix can be operated either web-based or fully integrated into ERP and WMS systems. Cargoclix SLOT provides transparency for all pictured logistics processes – for industry, trade, logistics service providers and transport companies.


Increase Productivity, Reduce Waiting Times

SLOT makes it possible to schedule the loading and unloading of trucks directly online. Transporters benefit from shorter waiting times. As a site operator, you save demurrage and can make your personnel planning more efficient.

Tailor-Made for You

SLOT makes it possible to adapt incoming and outgoing trucks exactly to the capacities and processes of your locations. All bookings are recorded online in the system and can optionally be transferred to other systems via export or interface. This saves time and avoids errors.

Implementation in a Few Hours

SLOT is always adapted to your requirements at each location – sounds complicated, but is simple. Together with you we will achieve this in a few hours – see for yourself. Request an appointment now for a free configuration of your SLOT system.

Reducing Costs without Investment

Normally you have to invest in advance to reduce costs. Not so with SLOT. We create the system free of charge for you and only 0,50 Euro will be charged per booking. You decide who pays the costs, you or the booking company.

Measurable Results Right from the Start

SLOT delivers positive results right from the start, such as avoiding peak loads and unproductive idle times. From now on you can call up all this directly in your SLOT statistics at any time. Each timeslot is tracked with time stamps and can be evaluated.

The Worldwide Solution for Your Company

You can use SLOT at all your locations worldwide. SLOT is purely internet-based. Standardise your processes and benefit equally from individual adaptation to the requirements of each of your locations.

20 Years of Experience

We have already configured SLOT for hundreds of other companies and can give you many tips and best practice examples to help you find the best solution for your business at your locations. Our experience of more than 20 years will help you.

You Own Account Manager

You will always have a permanent contact person who knows your SLOT well and is always available to answer your questions and discuss new ideas. This way you can continue to develop your SLOT and adapt it to your requirements. Let us shape the future together.


A First Insight

The use of SLOT is very simple and optimizes the planning of capacities and work processes at the ramps right from the start.




  • Cost reduction through reduction of downtimes
  • Cost reduction by avoiding demurrage
  • Cost reduction through better personnel planning
  • Cost reduction by avoiding peak loads
  • Cost reduction through more efficient processes before and after loading and unloading
  • No investment costs required
  • Only 0.5 Euro per timeslot booking, payable by the booking company or the site operator



No setup costs

0Fixed charges

No fixed costs

0,5 €Per booking

Payable by the booking company or the site operator


Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, Künzelsau
The decision-making and implementation times at Cargoclix are short.
With TERMINAL we were able to implement all requirements directly.
The Self Check-In with TERMINAL enables us to streamline processes.
Alexander Bürkle GmbH & Co. KG 
Cargoclix ETA shows us to the minute when the trucks actually arrive.
By using PTV technology, the Cargoclix ETA is very accurate.
HAVI Logistics GmbH
Time Slot enables us today a professional cross-company process planning with our carriers at a very favourable price. Staff utilization is constant and ramp planning has eased noticeably.
Adolf Würth GmbH Co. KG
Flexible, transparent and a good impression.
Klöckner Co. SE
The service providers ... enable a more favourable unloading time and a better throughput time.
Robert Bosch GmbH in Karlsruhe
The goods must be available as quickly as possible after unloading - we want to avoid long waiting times before and during unloading.
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