Beverage specialist Friedrich Lütvogt stays on the move with SLOT

The beverage producer Friedrich Lütvogt gives the green light for the timeslot management system SLOT from Cargoclix. The company from Wagenfeld optimizes the goods issue with the cloud-based system. Up to 90 trucks with beverages are handled congestion-free per day. You can book a slot between two days and 24 hours before pickup. The logistics […]

Extension of the site administrator function with location restriction also in the schedule

The Site Administrator function allows you to restrict the view of an admin user. After a request Cargoclix will add the setting. In the admin area the site administrator will then see only the site relevant to him – there can also be more than one. This way the CargoMarkets with several locations get the […]

Beverage manufacturer Fontanis relies on SLOT

The beverage manufacturer Fontanis Mineralbrunnen GmbH recently gave the go-ahead for the timeslot management system SLOT from Cargoclix. In Sachsenheim-Spielberg, the company optimizes both incoming and outgoing goods with cloud-based software. Around 30 trucks with beverages are handled every day without congestion. A timeslot can be booked between eleven days and the day before (until […]

Heinrichsthaler Milchwerke give green light for SLOT

Heinrichsthaler Milchwerke in Saxony recently opted for the SLOT timeslot management system at its Radeberg headquarters. Up to 30 trucks per day are handled without congestion at incoming and outgoing goods. Timeslots can be booked up to one week in advance. Short-term bookings can even be entered into the software two hours before the appointment. […]

Cosmolux International controls ramp activities with SLOT

Cosmolux International, the cosmetics specialist, has recently placed its trust in the timeslot management system SLOT from Cargoclix at the goods receipt in Pulheim. At the location in North Rhine-Westphalia, up to 20 trucks are unloaded per day without creating a traffic jam. The timeslots can be booked from two weeks in advance until the […]