Yearly Archives: 2019

LogiMAT 2020: Cargoclix Expands Service

Freiburg logistics marketplace Cargoclix optimises processes at the ramp and ensures effective personnel deployment planning.   Breisgauer enterprise explains on the fair its innovations with time slot management system SLOT and the platform TENDER.   Growth in the business division for timeslot management continues.   Cargoclix at LogiMAT 2020: Hall 6, Booth C71  (Freiburg i.Br., […]

SLOT Now Available in Czech

The user interface of the timeslot management system from Cargoclix is now available in Czech language. The Czech Republic is considered an important logistics location in Eastern Europe. In order to simplify everyday logistics for users of the cloud-based software from the country with more than ten million inhabitants, Cargoclix has translated the user interface […]

New Field Type ,,Drop-Down/Multiselect List’’

A new field type is now available in SLOT: the Drop-Down/Multiselect List. Now it is possible to restrict the choices of a field. The results are based on the previous selection. Good example: in a cascade of drop-down lists, it can be configured that after selecting “Germany” in the “Country” field, the next “City” field […]

DHL Also Relies on SLOT in Derendingen (Switzerland)

The logistics service provider DHL Switzerland recently has given  the go-ahead for the ramp management system SLOT of the company Cargoclix in its location Derendingen in the canton of Solothurn. The yellow giant uses the cloud-based software to process vehicles at both the incoming and outgoing goods departments without congestion. The time windows can be […]

Pöppelmann Gives Green Light for SLOT

The Pöppelmann Holding GmbH & Co. KG introduces the ramp management system SLOT from Cargoclix at its headquarters in Lohne, Lower Saxony. With the cloud-based timeslot management system, up to 50 trucks per day are handled congestion-free on ramps. Service providers can book slots in the electronic timetable up to one week in advance. Bookings […]

Europart Launches SLOT from Cargoclix

Central warehouse Werl from Europart: This is where the SLOT timeslot management system from Cargoclix has recently come into operation. (Photo: Europart) Spare parts distributor introduces the cloud-based software from Cargoclix in the central warehouse in Werl. Using the tool, more than 300 trucks and vans are dispatched each month at incoming goods ramps.  (Freiburg […]

Leo Pharma Manufacturing Italy Relies on SLOT

Leo Pharma Manufacturing Italy has chosen Cargoclix SLOT for ramp management at its site Segrate Milan. Every day trucks are handled there at three ramps without congestion. The company’s logistics service providers can book electronic time slots up to a week in advance in the cloud-based system. A last-minute booking is still possible on the […]

Putzmeister Keeps Moving with SLOT

The concrete pump specialist Putzmeister recently introduced the cloud-based time window management system SLOT from Cargoclix at its headquarters in Aichtal. With the help of the software up to 50 trucks from logistics service providers can be handled congestion-free at incoming goods. The timeslots can be booked up to three weeks in advance. Bookings can […]